Location of Carthens shown in red.

Carthens is both the largest and oldest city in Castilland. It has a population of around 200,000 inhabitants, or around 1/10th of the entire Castillan population. It is the current seat of the king, which relocated in 245 RE after the usurper Gregray Westerly had the previous seat, the Torchedstone, destroyed during the events that would become the Bloody Parade.

History Edit

Carthens is one of the few cities that survived the Great Fire, a volcanic eruption in the Sea of Smoke that spewed ash as far west as Escados and east into Galais, burning the northern part of the Galasian forests and destroying most of the ancient Thescan civilisation, which until that point had been one of the most advanced cultures in all of Mundas.

Carthens is unique in that it's architecture is heavily influenced by both Thescan and Galasian cultures, indicating that there was a time when both races intermingled long before the Castil invasion. This is supported by the similar constructions in the Ivory Isles, where another ancient city, the ruins of Myreciana, reside.

Layout Edit

Demographics Edit

Carthens is one of the most diverse cities in Castilland, boasting a particularly large Thescan population, which also lends to its hostile cultural and ethnic divide. There are smaller pockets of Galasian and Sereosi populations as well, mostly confined to the Bronze Quarter.

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